Friday, 22 July 2016

The best product for short hair: Made4Mess by Schwarzkopf

I wear short and messy hair since 3 years, and you can't imagine how many styling products I've tried eversince.

To achieve a messy look there are basically gel, wax and hairspray. None of those I've tried really satisfied me 100%. 

Then I've decided I would try some texturizing products, even though they are not yet so popular in Switzerland.

Luckily Schwarzkopf kindly sent me some new products to try, and you can't figure out how happy I was when I discovered it was about texturizing ones! 

The new range is called Made 4 Mess and is available as hairspray and putty. I like them all, but I've found the hairspray to be my BBF. I use it everyday and I really can't live without it anymore.

The product does exactly what it says:

"create artfully undone styles that last. This texturizing hairspray is the ultimate styling tool for your masterpiece: touchable textures with a casual & natural finish."

As I've just said this is definitely my go to products when it comes to hair and I swear about it!

It is very easy to use, efficient and smells AMAZING! I would suggest this product range also if you have longer hair, to give more volume to the roots.

You can find Schwarzkopf got2b Made4Mess products at all Schwarzkopf retailers. I got my new one today at Coop City at CHF 11.50


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Perfect nails for 12 with Gel Couture by Essie

We all know, gel nails and UV nail polish are the best solutions if you are looking for a longlasting result. At the same time I know a lot of people that prefer to change nail color more frequently, or others that don't want to spend time at the nail salon every 3 weeks.

As you may know I make my nails myself and I feel the need to change the color each 1-2 weeks. I use UV nail polish or regular polish as well. And I'm very happy to see that more nail polish brands are working on providing consumers with nail polishes that last more and more.

One of my favourite brand ever, Essie, has just launched its Gel Couture collection. This product range feature 28 colors and a top coat, and it claims to last up to 12 day without chipping or fading. This might be the perfect solution for those who don't want to go to the nail salon but like to have perfect nails for more days. 

I've tried this line myself and I'm very impressed with the quality of the product. First of all I really like the new packaging, so sleek and elegant, much different from the "classic" Essie bottle (that I also like very much). I find the new bottle very "ergonomic" and easy to grab/hold. The brush has also been improved and makes the job much easier. When it comes to the nail polish the consistency is perfect and very easy to work with, neither too runny nor too thick. Essie suggest to put 2 coats of nailpolish and one of top coat, and this is what I did.

The result was perfect, the pigments are very intense and the coverage is amazing. I've removed the nailpolish after 12 days and it was still good looking (I have acrylic nails under it).

I would highly recommend this product range, for your hands but for your feet as well, where I think the nail polish last even longer!

Here are some pics of the Gel Couture by Essie:


Friday, 27 May 2016

A beautiful day with Sephora

Can you imagine my face when I got the news that Sephora was opening its first shop in Switzerland?? Probably not (lucky you...), but let me tell you I was extremely happy about it!

In line with all beauty junkies around the world I've always been a great fan of Sephora. I live not too far from Italy and I often go to Milan. Everytime I go there I never fail to pay visit to Sephora indulging in a beauty shopping spree :D Can you imagine what happens when my Sephora Black Card gives me a 20% off?? That is my ultimate fulfillment :D

But let's go back to Sephora Switzerland!

Last Thursday I had the chance to join the official opening of the first Swiss Sephora's Shop at Manor Geneva. Yes, because as you may already know, Sephora has teamed up with Manor to launch their shops in Switzerland. I personally like this choice very much, and I'm sure it will be a very successful collaboration. Manor is very well known for providing the greatest products and services to all Swiss people since so many years. I think that Manor is part of each Swiss cititenz's life in some way. I would consider it a staple in our country. Therefore I'm really happy they've decided to join Sephora in this adventure!

The event was amazing and perfectly organized. We had the chance to preview the shop, take pictures and chat with the key figures. It was also possible to try some of Sephora's services, such as a brow restyling at Benefit's Brow Bar, or a personalized make up at Nars.

At 5.30 PM the first Swiss Sephora's shop was open to the public.

Sephora has brought to Switzerland 22 brands, 12 of them with the Made in Sephora's brand. Super popular brands such as Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, Tony Moly and Burberry (for the full list read below) are now available in our country!

Brands at Sephora full list:
Benefit, Burberry, Cellu Cup, Clarisonic, Foreo, Glam Glow, Lipstick Queen, Made in Sephora, Make Up Forever, Marc Jacobs Beauty, MercyHandy, Nars, Peter Thomas Roth, Rexaline, Sleek, StriVectin, The Curve, Tony Moly, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Vita Liberata. 
In 2016 Sephora is planning to open 6 other stores in the French part of Switzerland. In the near future they will also consider to open stores in other regions of Switzerland.  

If you don't live near Geneva don't worry, Sephora is now online and you can can buy everything HERE 

I've really enjoied being at this great event, I took many pictures that you can see below. I've also received a huuuuuge goodie bag that it will take all my life to try all these products :)

I would like to thank again Manor and Sephora for inviting me, I had a great time! XoXo

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The finest food at is not just a food online shop. At you can find the finest delicacies from small food companies from around the world. The people at is always looking for the finest food and gourmet products, things that you don't usually find at your supermarket. At is the perfect online destination for true food amateurs. You can find whatever you need: pasta, sauce, mustard, pesto, marinade, coffee, tea, cocoa, drinks, wine, beer, spices, salt, pepper, sweets and much more. Many of these items are organic and vegetarian and/or vegan suitable. has also launched the Ziano Box, a monthly subscription that is a true journey around food's world. All subscribers will receive at home each month a box with 5-8 delicacies with the surprise factor: you don't know in advance what you will receive! The great thing about it is that you will also receive a magazine, with all information regarding the companies who manufactures those products and also some tips and tricks such as recipes etc. Should you particularly like one of those products you will then be able to buy it on any time you like. The Ziano Box is also available as gift idea.

Click HERE to subscribe today to the Ziano Box! kindly sent me their April Box to test. It featured Iberic Ham and Gazpacho from Spain, a bergamot drink from Italy, Caramelized Red Onion Chips from Scotland, chinese Hoi Sin Sauce to marinate spare ribs and Shirataki Konjac Noodles from Japan. I really enjoied this box! 

Thanks to for this great food experience!

For more info visit

Live in the sun with Daylong

Being in the sun is great, it feels good, it makes you feel happy and relaxed, it can make you glow, and it helps the skin produce vital vitamin D. But there are risks. It can burn, hurt, and damage and long-term can lead to skin conditions including premature skin aging and cancer.

You have only one skin ... that’s why it’s never too late to take the best sun protection. Daylong helps you maintain your skin’s youthfulness, glow, and health while enjoying an active life in the sun.

Daylong takes a scientific view to protecting your skin from the effects of the sun. It provides a medical approach combining optimal quality, exceptional protection, and great skin feeling.

Because each skin needs its protection Daylong offers a range of high-quality sun protection products for diverse skin types. Developed and formulated by Galderma with unrivalled scientific and dermatological expertise. For both normal, dry, and sensitive skin as well as very sensitive and allergic skin, Daylong provides the ultimate in daily skin protection.

Normal to sensitive skin

Thanks to the special formulation in Daylong products, the skin doesn’t feel sticky when sunscreen is applied and quickly absorbed. Sun protection filters are reliably distributed. Nurturing ingredients also leave skin feeling good. Daylong is formulated for skin-friendly protection.

Daylong Protect&Care Face Emulsion SPF 30 (CHF 26,90)
The NEW Daylong Protect & Care Face Emulsion SPF 30 is an anti-aging protecion for your face, it contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, C and E. It provides 24h hydration and is also perfect to be used as make up base.

Very sensitive and allergic skin

These innovative gels are ideal for people with highly sensitive skin, skin prone to sun allergies, and also for oily skin. This range is also available for both face and body. 

  • Specific light & oil-free sunscreen gelfuid for daily sun protection
  • Suitable as make-up foundation
  • Fast absorption and great skin feeling
  • For very sensitive, oily, or sun allergic skin
  • Part of the body: face
  • High protection with SPF 30 against UVB, UVA & IR
  • Effective broad spectrum UVB & UVA filters
  • Easy to spread, fast absorption, nonsticky --> results in great skin feeling
  • Nourishing with vitamin E
  • Free from parabens, fragrance, and emulsifiers
  • Very water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologically tested

Daylong products are available at pharmacies and selected department stores.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sephora + Manor = Love

For those of you who live in the US, France or Italy it might be totally ordinary to go to Sephora to buy a lot of good stuff... Lucky you!

But in know...we are always a little lage when it comes to news and trends... and SHOPS.

One of the best news ever is now ready to become true, and on Thursday Sephora will open its first store in Switzerland! To be honest I still can't believe it's true :D

On Thursday 19th May Sephora will open its first store at Manor Geneva and will also launch the online shop at

In 2016 Sephora is planning to open 6 other stores in the French part of Switzerland. In the near future they will also consider to open stores in other regions of Switzerland.

Sephora will bring to our country 22 brands, 12 of them with the Made in Sephora's brand. Super popular brands such as Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, Tony Moly and Burberry (for the full list read below) will finally be available in Switzerland!

For the first time ever Sephora will launch a "shop in shop" concept, in order to provide clients with the best shopping experience possible. The possibility to touch and test all products in a pleasant way, the ultimate fun shopping experience! The shop will also offer many services such as the Gift Factory, the Make Up Bar Sephora and the Brow Bar Benefit.

Brands at Sephora full list:
Benefit, Burberry, Cellu Cup, Clarisonic, Foreo, Glam Glow, Lipstick Queen, Made in Sephora, Make Up Forever, Marc Jacobs Beauty, MercyHandy, Nars, Peter Thomas Roth, Rexaline, Sleek, StriVectin, The Curve, Tony Moly, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Vita Liberata. 

I will be attending the official opening and will be keeping you posted on my Blog, Instagram and Snapchat! Don't forget to subscribe to my pages in order to receive all news.


Smashbox Cheeks News


"Lighting is everything—it can bring out your cheekbones and add depth and dimension to your face." –Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder & Photographer  

Developed in Smashbox L.A. photo studio to mimic the depth and dimension of the magic light of L.A., this foolproof palette features two tonal shades of blush—one true and one rich—plus their perfectly matched highlighter for a radiant, natural-looking West Coast glow. Getting a fresh, youthful flush for any occasion just got a lot more low maintenance. We partnered two carefully curated, tonal shades of blush with their perfectly matched highlighter—so you’ll never have to worry about shades clashing again. 

Two shades mean you can turn up your rosiness from subtle to dramatic to match any look, occasion or season. 

Plus, if you’re baffled by blush application, our pro artists break it all down in our #SHAPEMATTERS lookbook with step-by-step techniques for five different face shapes—so you learn exactly how and where to apply to soften strong features or balance a strong jawline. 

-> Gorgeous blush color stays true all day—no streaking or fading

-> Includes #SHAPEMATTERS lookbook insert with pro artist application tips for five different face shapes

-> Long-wearing, richly pigmented blush shades

Available in: Pacific Coast Pink, Culver City Coral and Malibu Berry

Smashbox L.A. LIGHTS - BLUSH & HIGHLIGHT PALETTE  in Pacific Coast Pink

Smashbox L.A. LIGHTS - BLUSH & HIGHLIGHT PALETTE price CHF 44 and is now exclusively available at Marionnaud



Get the ultimate West Coast glow—on-the-go! From Santa Monica to Sunset Boulevard, our latest innovation in illumination is inspired by the magic light of L.A.

Multipurpose color for cheeks and lips. There’s a shade for any look, from a subtle sheen to a full-on flush. The lightweight, brightening formula feels and looks as natural as your own skin—only more illuminated and gorgeous.

A Smashbox-only blending trifecta! It’s all about blending, blending and more blending for this natural, lit-from-within look: a curved dome shape means no harsh lines when applying; a creamy formula means the formula glides effortlessly onto skin; and finally a velvety, flat sponge for blending—so you get just the right amount of diffused color.

•    A beautifully illuminated, veil of natural color for cheeks, lips and face
•    Double-ended with a flat buffing sponge on one end and a curved dome on the other—perfect for   blending on-the-go!
•    There’s a shade for any look, from a subtle sheen to a full-on flush

L.A. LIGHTS BLENDABLE LIP & CHEEK COLOR is available in Malibu Berry, Silver Lake Sunset, Berverly Hills Blush, Hollywood & Highlight and Venice Bronze. Now there are also 2 new shades available: Fairfax & Fuchsia and Laurel Canyon Coral.

Smashbox L.A. LIGHTS BLENDABLE LIP & CHEEK COLOR price CHF 36.- and is now exclusively available at Marionnaud

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