Thursday, 19 December 2013

It's Christmas Time: Home Decorations

It did took me a while.... :) but my Christmas decorations are finally done.

We went for a real Christmas Tree again and I've decorated it with mini Teddy Bears, wooden country hearts, stars and trees and some candy canes, too.

Some details

And this is my "Christmas Corner", where I display all my favourite Christmas items: Yankee Candles, Partylite candle holder and advent calendar, XMAS wooden writing and some cute stuff.

 This is a gift that my husband bought me when he went to Milan, it is a chocolate reindeer of the prestigious Gourmet shop Peck.

Avène - Cicalfate Hand Cream

Winter and cold mean bad times for my hands. And if you think that I'm used to wash my hands several times a day you can imagine how much my hands are suffering these days.

I've tried hundreds of hand creams but never found the right one. My hands are not just dry, but literally chapped, with some small cuts also, therefore hand creams that feature alcohol are not suitable in this case...

If you're also having the same problem you should really try this cream, the Cicalfate Hand Cream by Avène. Actually it did miracles on my hand just after a couple of days.

The consistence of this cream is thick, more like a paste, but since a little goes a long way it will sink just after a quick massage. Therefore I would suggest you to use just a small amount of cream during the day. As a night treatment I apply a more generous amount on my hands before I go to bed, my hand feel a little sticky, but in the morning my hands look much better and restored.

Among the ingredients of this amazing handcream there is sucralfate which helps epidermal repair and copper and zinc sulfates that are antibacterial agents. Avène Thermal Spring Water, as usual, soothes and softens the skin.

Least but not last it is Fragrance-free and paraben-free. 

If your hands only need little hydration go for another hand cream as this could be way too rich for your skin.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kiehl's, Aromatic Blends, Patchouli & Fresh Rose

Thanks to Kiehl's, who sent me these products, I've been able to find an amazing body lotion that really softened and moisturised my skin.

I'm talking about the Skin-Softening Body Lotion, that is part of the Patchouli and Fresh Rose collection along with the Aromatic Mist and the Body Wash.

Enriched with Squalane, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and a mixture of botanic oils this body lotion left my skin smooth and moisturised especially when used right after the shower (preferably on damp skin). I also used it after shaving my legs, and my skin became immediately smooth. Actually this product really works. And all this without silicones!

For the lovers of patchouli this product is a real must have.
And in my opinion the woody fragrance of patchouli along with the fresh rose are the perfect combination that can be used all year long.

If you already know Kiehl's you probably know that their strong points are for sure the ingredients they use and their quality. So you might be also interested in reading the ingredients of this body lotion.

Give it a try, especially this time a year, when your skin goes through hard times because of cold and wind.

If you love the fragrance of the body lotion don't miss the Aromatic Mist: you will love it!

Friday, 6 December 2013

My favourite concealers

As promised here I am to reveal my favourite concealers.

The first one is the super famous Benefit Erase Paste. You may have already read many reviews about this concealers, some are positive and some are negatives. What I can tell you is that people who are saying this product is a flop just don't know how to use it. Yes it is very creamy and looks sticky (propably this is why they've called it "paste" :) ) but for people like me who have dark circles this is just amazing! I've picked up shade 2 (medium) which is the perfect orange color to neutralise those nasty dark shadows. As mentioned before, the consistence of this product is more like a paste, therefore you really have to use the smallest amount possible and apply it over the darkest point, than blend with your fingertips. People saying this concealers looks cakey are just applying too much product. 
This is the perfect concealer for dark circles, it's quite pricey, but a little goes a long way.

The second one is Kiko Full Coverage Concealer. I've been using this concealer for ages, it has a good coverage and it is perfect on all little blemishes you'd like to hide. I have shade 2 which is just perfect for my pale skin. When I have bad dark circles I put it on top of Erase Paste. This is an highstreet buy but it really worth the little money you pay for.

The last one is the Migros I am Young Stick. This concealer comes in one shade only, which is good on my skin too. It has a good coverage, but you don't have to blend it too much. This one is specific for young skins with acne or little spots. I use it when I have spots and it also dries them making a little exfoliation.

These are my top 3 concealers. Have you tried one of the already? Let me know.

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Hi beauties,
Today I'm writing about one of my favourites lip colors: the Stay Matt Lip Cream of Essence.

These lip creams are just amazing!

They come in 4 different shades that fit almost everyone, and since they only cost 3.50 SFr each  I would suggest you to buy them all :-)
You could easily find these Essence Lip Creams because they are part of the permanent collection... but in fact they are so good that they go sold out very often...
The name itself tells that these are lip creams with a matt finish, this is why they last so good on your lips, up to 3-4 hours, not bad at all! But keep in mind: if you have dry lips, be sure to moisturise them before you put you lip cream on, or you will just make them look drier. Or, if necessary, you can also apply a lip scrub before (for example Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub). This way you will have a better result.

But let's go through the 4 shades. This is an overview of the 4 Essence Lip Creams

The first 2 shades are more nude colors.

This is Velvet Rose

This is Soft Nude

The other 2 shades are definitely more strong.

Silky Red


Smooth Berry

As you can see the nude shades are very soft, but they really look good especially on people with light skin. Since my daily make up routine is more about highlighting my eyes I usually go for soft colors on my lips, therefore I'm really loving these nude shades.
The other 2 shades are really amazing, thery are the perfect touch to make any make up beautiful.

My review about these Lip Creams is totally positive. Give them I try, you won't regret it.

Monday, 2 December 2013

I'm a candle junkie

Yes you caught me....

I just can't live without them, and a scented candle is always burning at my home.

Christmas isn't Christmas without candles, so the other day I went to buy some Yankee Candles.

Et voilà...

Red Velvet plus some Christmas fragrances: Christmas Eve, Season of Peace (new) and Snowflake Cookie (new).

Then I also went for some Yankee Candle tarts, I just love them.... 


Clockwise from top left: Christmas Cookie, Fluffy Towels, Snowflake cookie, A Child's Wish, White Gardenia and Honey Blossom (center).

Now I'm trying to decide which one I should burn first .... ;)

Dear Santa...

This post is for people who:
- still haven't sent their letter to Santa
- are looking for some inspirations for Christmas gifts for family and friends.

But after all If you're just mad about beauty giftsets (like I obviously am)... then this post is for you, too :D

I just LOVE giftsets! They are nice, useful and almost everybody likes receiving one. Usually I don't go for a Parfume giftset, in my opinion parfums are a very personal item, and I would never tell anybody which one to wear. Therefore I preferably go for Beauty giftsets, and body/face care sets are my favourites.

During last week I had a look around and have spotted some nice giftsets. A couple of these will surely end up on my Santa letter... Let's take a look


I have a big passion for Lush. When I see one of their shops I just can't keep out. I love their fragrances and especially their bath melts. Of course also shower lovers will find nice products that suits them ;) Their Christmas giftsets are just gorgeous! I always find it hard to pick up one. This year I'll go for a huge one, it's called Fab Christmas (center) :D Then they also have super cute smaller giftsets that are perfect for a special present for friends or young relatives, like All the Best that really contains some of Lush's highlights. You can also buy them online at

On the "classic side" there are brands that every year display their beautiful and elegant sets.

I've picked up two of the most known Clinique's product lines. The Even Better kit is the perfect dark spot corrector and anti-aging kit. The Laser kit is hydrating and anti-aging.

Other brand I have at heart is Clarins. I've been using their products for ages because my mother did, therefore I know their product lines pretty much ;) The 2 kits I've picked up are perfect (in my opinion) for young women. The Éclat du Jour kit is a cocktail of vitamines that will make your skin glow. On the other hand the Multi Active kit is just perfect for "first wrinkles".

Least but not last the beautiful and opulent Estée Lauder giftsets. They are all so nice and elegant in their beautiful boxes or bags. They're also well known for their make up kits, but I've picked up one that features skincare and, most important, the amazing poduct that everybody knows called Night Repair. This kit is all about anti-aging.

Most department stores and perfumeries such as Marionnaud, Douglas and Import Parfumeries sell Clinique, Clarins and Estée Lauder.

That's all folk's ;) Hope you enjoyed this "festive" post and like my picks.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Advent Calendars

Christmas isn't Christmas without an Advent Calendar.

And this year I've bought 2 of them :)

One contains beauty products and the other one contains scented candles (my other gratest passion) WOW

I'm looking forward to the 1st of December to start opening them.

Want an Advent Calendar, too?

You can find the Beauty Calendar at Marionnaud (actually 27,30 SFr. instead of 39.-)

To buy a Candle Calendar (SFr. 29,90) you will have to get in touch with an authorised Partylite consultant. If you don't know one just visit and you'll be able to find your nearest.

But hurry up... only 2 days are left ;)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Finding the right concealer

Hi there,
it's a rainy day here, and right now my little boy is sleeping. This is the perfect occasion to write a post :)

One thing you should know about me is that I have a "tricky" skin. Although I'm 30 years old I still have some imperfections that from times to times come out. Dark circles under my eyes are always there, and in addition to this I also have a very light skin tone, which means that any little imperfection becomes very visible :(

As you can imagine, among all beauty products, concealers are my best friends, no doubt about it! Yes, I just said concealerS and not concealer, this is because you can't just use the same one to hide your problem.

Let's start with a basic and very easy technical concept: the color theory.

You probably know this theory better than me, but from my experience I see that many people are completely ignoring it while choosing the right concealer.

Very important thing to keep in mind is that concealing in not necessarily about COVERING something but more preferably about NEUTRALISING a color. While applying tons of beige sticky concealer won't give you a nice and natural look, using a neutralising concealer will just make you flawless and beautiful.

What you have to do is to find the color of your imperfection on the color wheel, then look at the color that stays in front of it: that is the color of the concealer you need to neutralise your imperfection.

Easy, isn't it? 

So for example, in order to conceal my "blue" dark circles I'm going to use an orange/peachy concealer.

This concealer palette is from Victoria's Secret but most brands have now one.

Now you would probably tell me that you have plenty of beige concealers at home... and so do I :) And, while most of them are completely useless, others do their job, especially when it's about concealing light and little imperfections.
But keep in mind that beige concealers can be tricky. For example never put many layers of it over an imperfection, if will look cakey and so innatural and make your imperfection more visible. Also make sure that the beige tone you're using matches your skin tone. NEVER use a lighter concealer, as it means HIGHLIGHTING. Bad idea...

Hope you enjoyed this short "lesson" ;) It's just about some easy concepts that can be very useful when you're looking for a flawless and natural look.

In one of my next posts I will tell you which are my favourites concealers that I'm using right now.

Stay tuned ;)

Lots of love.


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Monday, 25 November 2013

About Me

Hi there,
welcome to my Blog!
My name is Chiara, I'm 35 and I live in Switzerland.
I've a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a Master's in Mass Communication and New Media. Actually I'm a full time mother of a beautiful boy.
I've tried so many cosmetics in my life (and many others still have to come :) ) and I really would like to share my beauty knowledge and experience with you through my blog, hoping that you'll find my advices useful.
Main topic of my blog will surely be beauty and nails one of my other gratest passions. But from times to times I could also talk to you about my other passions such as fashion, fitness, home design, and cooking.
Hope you'll enjoy.



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