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Hi there,
welcome to my Blog!
My name is Chiara, I'm 35 and I live in Switzerland.
I've a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a Master's in Mass Communication and New Media. Actually I'm a full time mother of a beautiful boy.
I've tried so many cosmetics in my life (and many others still have to come :) ) and I really would like to share my beauty knowledge and experience with you through my blog, hoping that you'll find my advices useful.
Main topic of my blog will surely be beauty and nails one of my other gratest passions. But from times to times I could also talk to you about my other passions such as fashion, fitness, home design, and cooking.
Hope you'll enjoy.



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  1. Hi Chiara! My name is Kimmie! I also live in Geneva and I am a new mom and beauty product lover! Great blog hoping to start my own too! <3

    1. Hi dear, thank you for showing by. I whish you good luck for your blog. Xoxo