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Hi there,
it's a rainy day here, and right now my little boy is sleeping. This is the perfect occasion to write a post :)

One thing you should know about me is that I have a "tricky" skin. Although I'm 30 years old I still have some imperfections that from times to times come out. Dark circles under my eyes are always there, and in addition to this I also have a very light skin tone, which means that any little imperfection becomes very visible :(

As you can imagine, among all beauty products, concealers are my best friends, no doubt about it! Yes, I just said concealerS and not concealer, this is because you can't just use the same one to hide your problem.

Let's start with a basic and very easy technical concept: the color theory.

You probably know this theory better than me, but from my experience I see that many people are completely ignoring it while choosing the right concealer.

Very important thing to keep in mind is that concealing in not necessarily about COVERING something but more preferably about NEUTRALISING a color. While applying tons of beige sticky concealer won't give you a nice and natural look, using a neutralising concealer will just make you flawless and beautiful.

What you have to do is to find the color of your imperfection on the color wheel, then look at the color that stays in front of it: that is the color of the concealer you need to neutralise your imperfection.

Easy, isn't it? 

So for example, in order to conceal my "blue" dark circles I'm going to use an orange/peachy concealer.

This concealer palette is from Victoria's Secret but most brands have now one.

Now you would probably tell me that you have plenty of beige concealers at home... and so do I :) And, while most of them are completely useless, others do their job, especially when it's about concealing light and little imperfections.
But keep in mind that beige concealers can be tricky. For example never put many layers of it over an imperfection, if will look cakey and so innatural and make your imperfection more visible. Also make sure that the beige tone you're using matches your skin tone. NEVER use a lighter concealer, as it means HIGHLIGHTING. Bad idea...

Hope you enjoyed this short "lesson" ;) It's just about some easy concepts that can be very useful when you're looking for a flawless and natural look.

In one of my next posts I will tell you which are my favourites concealers that I'm using right now.

Stay tuned ;)

Lots of love.


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