Dear Santa...

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This post is for people who:
- still haven't sent their letter to Santa
- are looking for some inspirations for Christmas gifts for family and friends.

But after all If you're just mad about beauty giftsets (like I obviously am)... then this post is for you, too :D

I just LOVE giftsets! They are nice, useful and almost everybody likes receiving one. Usually I don't go for a Parfume giftset, in my opinion parfums are a very personal item, and I would never tell anybody which one to wear. Therefore I preferably go for Beauty giftsets, and body/face care sets are my favourites.

During last week I had a look around and have spotted some nice giftsets. A couple of these will surely end up on my Santa letter... Let's take a look


I have a big passion for Lush. When I see one of their shops I just can't keep out. I love their fragrances and especially their bath melts. Of course also shower lovers will find nice products that suits them ;) Their Christmas giftsets are just gorgeous! I always find it hard to pick up one. This year I'll go for a huge one, it's called Fab Christmas (center) :D Then they also have super cute smaller giftsets that are perfect for a special present for friends or young relatives, like All the Best that really contains some of Lush's highlights. You can also buy them online at

On the "classic side" there are brands that every year display their beautiful and elegant sets.

I've picked up two of the most known Clinique's product lines. The Even Better kit is the perfect dark spot corrector and anti-aging kit. The Laser kit is hydrating and anti-aging.

Other brand I have at heart is Clarins. I've been using their products for ages because my mother did, therefore I know their product lines pretty much ;) The 2 kits I've picked up are perfect (in my opinion) for young women. The Éclat du Jour kit is a cocktail of vitamines that will make your skin glow. On the other hand the Multi Active kit is just perfect for "first wrinkles".

Least but not last the beautiful and opulent Estée Lauder giftsets. They are all so nice and elegant in their beautiful boxes or bags. They're also well known for their make up kits, but I've picked up one that features skincare and, most important, the amazing poduct that everybody knows called Night Repair. This kit is all about anti-aging.

Most department stores and perfumeries such as Marionnaud, Douglas and Import Parfumeries sell Clinique, Clarins and Estée Lauder.

That's all folk's ;) Hope you enjoyed this "festive" post and like my picks.


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