Kiehl's, Aromatic Blends, Patchouli & Fresh Rose

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Thanks to Kiehl's, who sent me these products, I've been able to find an amazing body lotion that really softened and moisturised my skin.

I'm talking about the Skin-Softening Body Lotion, that is part of the Patchouli and Fresh Rose collection along with the Aromatic Mist and the Body Wash.

Enriched with Squalane, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and a mixture of botanic oils this body lotion left my skin smooth and moisturised especially when used right after the shower (preferably on damp skin). I also used it after shaving my legs, and my skin became immediately smooth. Actually this product really works. And all this without silicones!

For the lovers of patchouli this product is a real must have.
And in my opinion the woody fragrance of patchouli along with the fresh rose are the perfect combination that can be used all year long.

If you already know Kiehl's you probably know that their strong points are for sure the ingredients they use and their quality. So you might be also interested in reading the ingredients of this body lotion.

Give it a try, especially this time a year, when your skin goes through hard times because of cold and wind.

If you love the fragrance of the body lotion don't miss the Aromatic Mist: you will love it!

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