My favourite concealers

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As promised here I am to reveal my favourite concealers.

The first one is the super famous Benefit Erase Paste. You may have already read many reviews about this concealers, some are positive and some are negatives. What I can tell you is that people who are saying this product is a flop just don't know how to use it. Yes it is very creamy and looks sticky (propably this is why they've called it "paste" :) ) but for people like me who have dark circles this is just amazing! I've picked up shade 2 (medium) which is the perfect orange color to neutralise those nasty dark shadows. As mentioned before, the consistence of this product is more like a paste, therefore you really have to use the smallest amount possible and apply it over the darkest point, than blend with your fingertips. People saying this concealers looks cakey are just applying too much product. 
This is the perfect concealer for dark circles, it's quite pricey, but a little goes a long way.

The second one is Kiko Full Coverage Concealer. I've been using this concealer for ages, it has a good coverage and it is perfect on all little blemishes you'd like to hide. I have shade 2 which is just perfect for my pale skin. When I have bad dark circles I put it on top of Erase Paste. This is an highstreet buy but it really worth the little money you pay for.

The last one is the Migros I am Young Stick. This concealer comes in one shade only, which is good on my skin too. It has a good coverage, but you don't have to blend it too much. This one is specific for young skins with acne or little spots. I use it when I have spots and it also dries them making a little exfoliation.

These are my top 3 concealers. Have you tried one of the already? Let me know.

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