Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Valentines Day Gift Inspirations

Ok girls, Valentines Day is almost there, so it's time for some brainstorming with our other half.

Just in case you're suffering from a lack of ideas (really?!?!) and still don't know what you would like to receive, I've decided it could be nice to give you some nice inspirations. 

We're good girls, and we don't want our love to loose time around looking for our gift, right??

Here we go...

The lovely people at Lush never forget to prepare something special for every occasion. This "Lots of Love" gift set will give you a super soft and super parfumed skin. Nobody goes wrong with a Lush gift set!

* * * * *

 Whether you're a pro or you just like make up as I do, you can't miss this brand new brush set from Zoeva. I will never recommend these brushes enough. So if you still don't know them, this might be the right chance to give it a try. The Rose Golden Luxury Set features all brushes you need, from face to eyes and the quality is just amazing (price 58 euro)

* * * * *

 I'm literally obsessed with this brand OPS! Love. They became famous thanks to their beautiful and colorful bracelets with the big heart charm. I have plenty of them and each year I need to buy the new ones. They're so comfortable and last forever, you don't have to be to much careful when wearing them ;)

* * * * *

These Bijou Brigitte necklaces are super cute at a very little price. Nobody will know they are not from Tiffany & Co. ;)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clinique - All About Shadow Quad Palette in 09 smoke and mirrors

Ok, first of all I'm not a make up artist.....

But I like make up, and I like to try new things as often as possible. I'm always looking for the best make up that suits my face.

Thanks to Clinique that kindly sent me this beautiful eyeshadow palette I've been playing before my last night out.

This is a beautiful palette called "smoke and mirrors" and it is all about grey and smokey eyes (of course ;) ). For this reason it doesn't matter what eye color or hair color you have, these shades are perfect for everybody.

Let's see the palette:

From the shiniest silver to the blakest black, this Clinique palette comes in a beautiful packaging. It's all a mirror, and as you can see there are also instructions on how to apply the different shades in order to get the perfect smockey eyes look.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

I got this result, not very professional but still good ;)

Hope you like it!

Monday, 27 January 2014

My New Nails: Rimmel Salon PRO

I'm already in love with this nail polish! The one I'm wearing is number 402 Urban Purple. It's actually a gorgeus dark cherry colour.
It is the first time a try this line that claims "Long lasting nail polish, un to 10 days. Gel like finish. Chip resistant and anti-fade colour".

As I've gel nails under, I can't really tell you whether it doen't chip at all or not... But what I can tell you about this nail polish is that the colour is really amazing. I've used 2 coats of color, but it had a good coverage even after the first one.

A special mention goes to the brush of this Rimmel nail polish. It is very large and well shaped. Very easy to use, very difficult to make a bad manicure.

I've been wearing this colour for one day only and I've already received many positive feedbacks, so you might appreciate it as well ;) 

Of course I've been using a top coat in order to dry the nails super fast and give extra shine. As usual I've been using the greate Sèche

But tell me, what colour are you wearing now? Let me know in the comments and send me links to your pictures if you like :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Best place for shopping

Are you in desperate need of shopping? Than you might like the advice I'm going to give you.

There's a huuuuge online store that sells EVERYTHING at cheap prices and ships WORLDWIDE FOR FREE. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

I'm talking about Born Pretty Store, an amazing online store the sells all sort of things, from nail products, nail art accessories, make up accessories, phone accessories, hair, fashion and much more... And all things are super cute and at a very fair price.

Because I'm collaborating with them for nail products they just give me a beautiful opportunity, I have a special code that allows you to get a 10% discount. Just enter at checkout the following code


So sit down, take your time (you will need hours and hours LOL) and pick up your favourites item :-)

Plase leave a comment and let me know what you've bought... I'm sooo curious.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

My new nails: OPI nail polish "Lost on Lombard"

Thanks to Coolbrandz I've received this beautiful OPI nail polish. It is called "Lost on Lombard" and I'm already in love with it.
It is a dark red / burgundy color, very nice and perfect for this season. In order to get the best result possible I've put 2 coats of polish. OPI nail polish are really among the best nail products on the market.
Take a look ;)

Do you already use OPI polish? What's your favourite one? Let me know ;)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December Favourites

Here I am with my december favourites:

1. Garnier, Clean & Fresh Eye Make Up Remover: I've been trying several eye make up removers lately, but I could hardly find one that satisfied me. This one does the job very well, and your mascara is removed in a few seconds. It should also remove waterproof make up, but since I don't use any waterproof products I can't tell you about that. It's enriched with grape extract and is also  formulated for sensitive eyes.

2. Maybelline, The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara: I can't recommend this product enough. I'm a kind of mascara junkie, and everytime I'm in England and I go to Boots or Superdrug I come out with 4 or 5 new ones to try.... (thanks God I only have 2 eyes... :D ) I've also tested high end ones, but trust me, this one is THE mascara. I like the consistency, which is not to dry, I like the color which is a perfect black, I like the silicone brush that makes everything easy, no clumps at all, and I also like the fact that it doesn't smudge under the eyes. Always use a lash curler before applying it, and you will have long, curled, black and voluminous lashes until you go to bed. Can't miss it!

3. Maybelline, Fit Me Concealer: This one was a nice surprise. I've been reading many positive reviews about the "Fit Me" range, especially regarding this concealer, therefore I gave it a try and I'm happy I did it. It's a liquid concealer that can be easily applied with its brush and then blended with your fingers.  It doesn't cake up, yet is pigmented enough to cover the darkest of undereye circles.

4. Sleek Blush in "Rose Gold" shade: This is said to be a dupe of the ultra famous "Orgasm" by Nars. I've never tried Orgasm, but I like this one a lot. It has fine golden shimmers in it, and the shade is just perfect for all skin types.

5. L'Occitane, Creme de Beauté Sublime: Before Christmas L'Occitane kindly sent me this product. It is their BB Cream and I've been using the lightest shade. It's just perfect on my skin, and the feeling is very nice. It contains Iris and Angelica extracts and smells very good. I like the final result, because altough it doesn't provide an extreme coverage (this is why we call them bb creams and not foundations...) the overall look is more uniform and fresh. I'm going to write a dedicated post about this bb cream with swatches because I think it's a very good product.

6. Sanctuary SPA, Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash: I've bought this travel size during my last trip to London and I've been using it daily during my holidays in the mountains. I really like it because it's very creamy and your skin is soft and not dry after you've used it. A very gentle face wash that removes make up very well and is perfect in cold and windy conditions.

7. Clinique, Chubby Stick in "Bountiful blush" shade: I like this shade so much: it is so ME. And plus these chubby sticks are totally versatile, they moisturise your lips and at the same time they give them a nice shade. They last ages and I always have one in my pocket. There are a lot of imitations but nothing compares to it. Never without it!

8. Zoeva, Soft Definer 227v Brush: This is a sneak peek on a dedicated review I will write about these amazing make up brushes. Most Zoeva brushes are very similar to MAC ones, but they cost one third... So if you are not a make up artist but you are lookig for some high quality make up acessories you should really try these brushes. I've already bought a couple of them, and this Soft Definer is really easy to use and blends easily and perfectly. Almost Goof proof ;)

9. Kiko, Eye Base Primer: Stop looking around for expensive eye primers! Kiko's primer is just the best I've ever tried and it costs nothing compared to others. Your eyeshadows will look nicer and last hours. If you have the chance to visit a Kiko store this is a must have.


1. Garnier, Clean & Fresh Eye Make Up Remover: Ho provato un sacco di struccanti occhi ma non ne trovato uno che mi soddisfacesse veramente. Questo l'ho preso un po' per disperazione, ma con grande stupore ho scoperto che funziona davvero bene. In un attimo e con un paio di passato tolgo mascara e ombretto, e alla mattina non ho quel fastidioso effetto panda sotto agli occhi.... È anche adatto per rimuovere trucco waterproof ma non l'ho mai testato in quel senso quindi non vi so dire. È arricchito con estratti d'uva ed é adatto a chi ha occhi sensibili o porta lenti a contatto.
2. Maybelline, The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara: Non lo so... non ho più parole per descrivere questo mascara. Di tutti i cosmetici i mascara sono forse quelli che mi fanno più impazzire, quindi ogni volta che mi capita ne compro di nuovi... a valanghe... Ho provato mascara economici e mascara di alto profilo, ma vi posso garantire che questo é davvero speciale, e per quello che costa é decisamente un grande affare. La consistenza é piuttosto liquida, quindi non tende a seccare facilmente come invece fanno molti mascara, anche parecchio blasonati... Il colore nero é molto intenso, non fa grumi e soprattutto dura tutto il giorno, senza sbriciolarsi lasciando noiosissimi residui sul contorno occhi. Vi consiglio di usare un piegaciglia prima di applicarlo (io lo faccio con tutti i mascara) e vedrete che l'effetto sarà strepitoso. Ciglia più piene, e più lunghe. Il mascara del secolo!
3. Maybelline, Fit Me Concealer:  Ho letto svariate recensioni positive riguardo la linea Fit Me lanciata ultimamente da Maybelline, specialmente per quanto riguarda il correttore. Si tratta di un correttore molto liquido ma di buona coprenza. Ho notato inoltre che é abbastanza luminoso, quindi usato sul contorno occhi può avere un duplice effetto. Mi piace!
4. Sleek Blush in "Rose Gold" shade:  Di questo blush si dice sia il cugino economico del celeberrimo e costosissimo Orgasm di Nars. Io l'ho acquistato a londra per meno di 5 £ e lo trovo davvero valido. È un colore pescato con riflessi dorati, quindi se non amate l'effetto un po' sbirluccicoso non fa per voi.... ma il colore é davvero molto bello e si adatta a tutte le carnagioni.
5. L'Occitane, Creme de Beauté Sublime: Mi é stata mandata questa BB cream prima di natale é ho avuto modo di testarla regolarmene nelle ultime settimane. La mia é una pelle mista quindi non ho notato che questa bb cream é decisamente compatibile. Contiene estratti di Iris e Angelica e il profumo é buonissimo. La coprenza é soddisfacente, il viso appare più uniformato, luminoso e fresco. Una piacevolissima sorpresa.
6. Sanctuary SPA, Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash: Anche questo fa parte degli acquisti durante il mio ultimo viaggio a Londra. È un sapone viso che ho trovato molto delicato sulla mia pelle, la consistenza é estremamente ricca e cremosa, tanto che una volta risciacquato la pelle risulta come già idratata anziché secca e che tira da tutte le parti. Perfetto anche per rimuovere il make up, e ideale per la stagione fredda.
7. Clinique, Chubby Stick in "Bountiful blush" shade: Questo colore é davvero fantastico, molto naturale e versatile. Inoltre questi matitoni danno una buona idratazione alle labbra. Perfetto da avere sempre in borsa per una duplice funzione. Non sono proprio a buon mercato ma durano un'eternità.
8. Zoeva, Soft Definer 227v Brush: Forse già li conoscete, forse no, ma i pennelli Zoeva sono molto simili a quelli di Mac, con la "piccola" differenza che costano circa un terzo... La qualità é ottima, e se non siete dei truccatori professionisti ma cercate prodotti di alto livello questi fanno per voi. Io ne ho acquistati un paio e con questo ci ho già fatto la mano, é davvero morbidissimo, sfuma benissimo e quindi é estremamente facile da usare. Sul loro sito potete comprare i pennelli singolarmente o dei bellissimi kit.
9. Kiko, Eye Base Primer: Se siete ancora alla ricerca del primer occhi perfetto fermatevi! Il primer di Kiko é il migliore e non ha nulla da invidiare a quelli di alta profumeria. È quel prodotto da avere sempre nel beauty!

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Clinique - new Superdefense SPF 20 (very dry to combination)

Me and my skin are back from the mountains :)

I spent a wonderful week in the snow up in the mountains with my family. The weather was just great, sunny but cold, extremely cold.

Well in fact I wasn't suffering because of the cold weather, but actually my skin did.

As you might already know I have a combination skin. The light moisturisers I usually apply weren't enough. I luckily had some NEW Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 samples with me and therefore I decided it was the right moment to test it.

These samples were for "very dry to combination skin" and since I have a combination skin I was a little bit skeptical whether I should use them or not.... but in fact this was my eventual only salvation therefore I gave it a try.

The Clinique New Superdefense SPF 20 is a white, light pasty cream but in spite of that it sinks very fast. The feeling on my skin was nice, not sticky at all. Surprisingly I've also noticed an improvement in the look of my skin, for some reasons all imperfections were like smoothed. Very significant is that even my husband told me "you look nice with that make up", but in fact I wasn't wearing any :D The cream is not conceived to hide imperfection but in fact it slightly did it on my, which is never a bad thing ;)

The cream has anti age properties and plus it has a SPF 20, so I didn't have to add any extra sun screen.

Well I was so happy to have those samples in my beautycase because this cream saved my skin, literally! It really provided like a barrier to my skin, which became immediately soft and smooth. I've been using it for the rest of my holiday in the mountains.

This wouldn't probably be the right cream for me for the rest of the year because it is quite rich, but it's just perfect when it's very cold and windy. Anyway Clinique also launched a "combination oily to oily skin" version. Will try that one for sure, too.


Sono da poco rientrata dalla montagna dove ho passato una splendida settimana sulle nevi e sotto il sole. Malgrado il bellissimo tempo la mia pelle ne ha risentito parecchio, tanto da farmi quasi male :( Evidentemente la mia crema quotidiana non era sufficiente ad idratarla adeguatamente in quelle condizioni.

Mi sono recata in profumeria e ho trovato dei campioncini della nuovissima Superdefense SPF 20 di Clinique, nella versione per pelli da secche a molto secche (notare che io ho una pelle mista talvolta con impurità).

Ragazze questa crema mi ha salvato la vita, non credevo, ma già dalla prima applicazione la pelle era come superidratata e riparata. Inoltre (forse per i siliconi presenti) la pelle appariva più bella, come levigata, uniformata, seppur leggermente. Questa non é una caratteristica descritta tra le proprieté del prodotto... ma di fatto io ho avuto questa sensazione, e ancora più di fatto pure mio marito appena mi ha vista mi ha detto " come stai bene con quel trucco!" (il che é tutto dire...).

Tra le caratteristiche decantate, invece, appaiono le proprietà anti età e un bel filtro spf 20 che non guasta mai, no??

Come detto questa da me provata era la versione per pelli da secche a molto secche, e forse visto che la mia pelle era davvero messa male non ho avuto alcun problema. Ad ogni modo esiste anche la versione per pelli da miste a grasse. Val la pena tenerla in considerazione per la bella stagione ;)

Spero abbiate trovato utile la recensione. Lasciatemi il vostro commento :)

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Monday, 6 January 2014

I love nails

Hi everyone,
this is the first post of the new year, so let me wish all of you a SUPER HAPPY 2014!

One thing I haven't told you before is that I love nails. I love nail polishes, uv gel and acrylic, too. In 2007 I took my nail technician Diploma and since then I've been practicing on myself, family and friends. I also have some other diploma in Nail Art, Acrylic and Eyelash extensions. As you can see I'm pretty interested in beauty :)

I really would like to show you some of my latest works, starting with THE Christmas nails that my mother is deeply in love with.

These are other nails I did during the past year:

UV Gel Nails in burgundy with pink rose

Pink and baby pink UV Gel Nails with leopard nail art.

Tiffany and pastel pink UV Gel Nails with glitter flower nail art.

This is what I like to call "cherry blossom". It's like little chains made with spots and rhinestones. All UV Gel.

This was my first attempt with Acrylic nails, just after the course with the famous Master Natalia Ryjkova

These were my favourites of this summer. Coral and gold UV gel nails with leopard nail art.

Gelish UV polish on natural nails.

Hope you like them, I will regularly post pictures of my latest works.

If you have any questions regarding nails or uv gel nails please don't hesitate to contact me.

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