Clinique - All About Shadow Quad Palette in 09 smoke and mirrors

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Ok, first of all I'm not a make up artist.....

But I like make up, and I like to try new things as often as possible. I'm always looking for the best make up that suits my face.

Thanks to Clinique that kindly sent me this beautiful eyeshadow palette I've been playing before my last night out.

This is a beautiful palette called "smoke and mirrors" and it is all about grey and smokey eyes (of course ;) ). For this reason it doesn't matter what eye color or hair color you have, these shades are perfect for everybody.

Let's see the palette:

From the shiniest silver to the blakest black, this Clinique palette comes in a beautiful packaging. It's all a mirror, and as you can see there are also instructions on how to apply the different shades in order to get the perfect smockey eyes look.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

I got this result, not very professional but still good ;)

Hope you like it!

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