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Hi everyone,
this is the first post of the new year, so let me wish all of you a SUPER HAPPY 2014!

One thing I haven't told you before is that I love nails. I love nail polishes, uv gel and acrylic, too. In 2007 I took my nail technician Diploma and since then I've been practicing on myself, family and friends. I also have some other diploma in Nail Art, Acrylic and Eyelash extensions. As you can see I'm pretty interested in beauty :)

I really would like to show you some of my latest works, starting with THE Christmas nails that my mother is deeply in love with.

These are other nails I did during the past year:

UV Gel Nails in burgundy with pink rose

Pink and baby pink UV Gel Nails with leopard nail art.

Tiffany and pastel pink UV Gel Nails with glitter flower nail art.

This is what I like to call "cherry blossom". It's like little chains made with spots and rhinestones. All UV Gel.

This was my first attempt with Acrylic nails, just after the course with the famous Master Natalia Ryjkova

These were my favourites of this summer. Coral and gold UV gel nails with leopard nail art.

Gelish UV polish on natural nails.

Hope you like them, I will regularly post pictures of my latest works.

If you have any questions regarding nails or uv gel nails please don't hesitate to contact me.

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