My New Nails: Kiko Frozen Nail Lacquer 02

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We've completely forgotten what sunshine is, here in Switzerland... Therefore I go ahead using my darkest nail polishes. Still too earyl to show off my pastel, fluo summer colors.

This time I went for a super deep metallic green by Kiko, from the "Frozen Nail Lacquer" collection. The shade is just amazing, I'm not used to green, but I must admit it is very elegant and cool at the same time.
This polish is a very ordinary one, easy to use, but not very long lasting, as it tends to fade away especially on the tips. In order to get the deepest shade possible at leats 2 coats are required (as usual). I've put my Sèche top coat on top.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you have nails on your blog don't forget to leave me your comment below and I will have a look ;)

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  1. so chic! I so love this post.

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  2. Amazing colour... I really love it! So chic! Thanks for the review xx

  3. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. (:

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