Friday, 28 March 2014

GIVEAWAY TIME! - Covergirl "Flamed Out" Collection

I needed an excuse to run my first GIVEAWAY and I've found it :)
I hit 2000 followers on IG, still can't believe it and I suppose this is more than an excuse to run my giveaway!

I really would like to say thank you, thank you for following me, thank you for reading my reviews and my posts. Thank you for being my FRIENDS!

Thanks to COVERGIRL I will be able to give out amazing prizes, so please read below and follow the instructions ;)


If you're looking forward to the spring/summer vibe like I'm doing, than you will love this colorful collection. The Flamed Out Collection is a blast of colors that combined toghether will make you look like a rockstar! Ambassador of this collection is P!NK, actually the most talented rockstar in the States. She has a very personal style, and like P!NK you will be able to get YOUR personal style with this amazing products: play with colors get YOUR look.

Now this collection is finally available also here in Switzerland (by Migros).
So let's go through it and see it:

Flamed Out Shadow Pots: If you already know Covergirl eyeshadow than you know how great these are. Same quality but new shades! Highly pigmented pop up colors to create the perfect spring look. Use it dry for a softer look. Wet your brush before use for a rockstar look!

Flamed Out Pencils: To perfectly complete your eye look you can't miss these amazing 2-in-1 pencils that can be used as eyeshadow base, in order to enhance the eyeshadow color, or as eyeliner. Matching the Shadow Pots and Pencils is part of the game ;)

Flamed Out Mascara: This new mascara will give you extra volume and curl thanks to its "Volume Igniter" brush, that guarantees to catch all your lashes.

If you haven't tried this collection already this is the chance for you to win some of its pieces!


This fantastic kit contains:
- Flamed out Mascara
- Flamed out Shadow Pencil Hot Pink Flame
- Flamed out Shadow Pencil Melted Caramel
- Flamed out Shadow Pot Sapphire Flare

To enter my giveaway you have to follow these easy steps:

1. Follow my blog: you can follow my blog on Bloglovin, Google+ or by email. It is very easy and you'll find the "follow" button on the right of my blog.

2. Follow my instagram profile: if you're not following me already search for "mintandbeauty" or simply click on the IG button on the right of my blog.

Now look for the GIVEAWAY picture on my Instagram page and read below it for the last 2 steps.



Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Vichy - Teint Idéal Foundation SPF 20

I've lately abandoned foundation in favour of BB creams. Still wondering why... and now that I've tried the new Vichy Teint Idéal I'm more confused than ever.

You might already know that I've got a "tricky" skin and it happens very often that when I try a new product it breakes out. You can imagine what happens when I try a foundation or a bb cream. Normally a DISASTER!

After max 1 hour my skin starts showing the first signs of refusal. I've thought that silicones might be the cause, as if they were suffocating my skin. Therefore I've been looking for a lighter product. So basically I've turned to BB cream hoping that their silicones where less and lighter... But since I'm still experiencing brakeouts I guess I haven't found the right solution, yet.

I've been testing the new Vichy Teint Idéal for a while and - can you believe that?!? - my skin didn't break out.

But let's see what's this new foundation about.

First of all this foundation is conceived for sensitive skins - hypoallergenic -. It is available in 2 versions: cream and fluid. The cream is for dry skins and the fluid is better for normal to combitation skins. The shades available are 5. Last thing, but not less important, it has a SPF 20. Rich in vitamines and antioxidants this foundations is meant to protect and renew your skin.

Shade n. 15 (the fairest) on my wrist.

The description claims: Illuminating foundation. Ideal complexion revealer.

I've been using the fluid in shade nr. 15 (the fairest) and I was so amazed to see the result. In fact all imperfections were naturally concealed, my skin looked really uniformed and glowing. I would say it provides a medium but effectiv coverage. The thing I appreciate the most about this amazing foundation is the NATURAL  look you get by using it. It looks and feels very light on the skin, you will definitely forget you're wearing it.

My skin didn't break out even after many hours, so this is definitely THE foundation for my skin. I'm so happy you can't imagine!!

Here are some shots of me wearing Vichy Teint Idéal. I swear I didn't use Photoshop to retouch my skin :D It's just amazing!!

I can't thank Vichy enough for having invented such a great product!! If you have a tricky skin as I do give it a try, you won't regret it!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Swiss Smile Teeth Whitening System

I've been testing this Whitening System from Swiss Smile for a while and I'm so happy with it that is now part of my daily routine.


This set inclues a Whitening Toothpaste, a Whitening Conditioner and 2 Whitening Toothbrushes.

Let's go through the single steps:

Whitening Toohtpaste: This toothpaste is so delicate that can be actually used on a daily basis. The active ingredients remove stains and restore the natural whiteness of our teeth. Unlike other whitening toothpastes on the market this one doesn't contain abrasives or bleach thereofore it doesn't damage the teeth.

Whitening Conditioner: For a better result this is the next step. This conditioner is called Pearl Shine and Repair and it is a foam that literally contains extra-white nanocrystals that are extracted from the mother-of-pearl of sea shells. It is so fresh and delicate and you can either use it with your toothbrush or spray it directly in your mouth. Your teeth are immediately brighter and at the same time the tooth surface is repaired.

Whitening Toothbrushes: You can surely use the whitening products with your regular toothbrush, but these 2 where exactly conceived to enhance the final result. The particular combination of different types bristles cleans and polishes the surface of the teeth.

As I said I'm pretty happy with this whitening System and although I'm not a smoker I can say that I've noticed a significant improvement since I've started using it.

I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking for a good but gentle whitening system.

You can find the retailers list HERE

Friday, 14 March 2014

February Favourites


1. So'Bio Etic BB Cream: This is probably the kind of products I've been looking for AGES. It is a 99% natural BB cream, and unlike most other natural products this one COVERS. If you're into natural produtcts then you know that when it comes to coverage most of them fail, this is because they don't contain silicones. You should really give this great BB cream a try. The coverage is just great and the finish is so natural. This BB cream is good for every skin types and, if like me, you have a combination skin you may not need any moisturizer under it.

2. Maybelline The Rocket Volum'Express Waterproof: If you've been reading my other posts you should know that I consider the classic version of this mascara one of the best mascaras EVER. I just can't go out without wearing my mascara, therefore when I started going to the gym, in order to avoid "accidents", I've decided to buy the waterproof one. This way I can wear my mascara even when I'm doing exercise. This one is as great as the classic version. Totally happy with it!

3. Catrice Defining Blush: Ok, I know, I've already mentioned this product in my "January Favourites".... But what can I do?? This blush is just perfect, can't live without it. The shade is called "Rose Royce" (nr. 020) and is so natural. It stays all day and it is just AMAZING!

4. Catrice Camouflage Cream: I must admit I'm a bit confused about this products... On one side it is the most covering concealer - bye bye dark circles - I've ever tried. But on the other hand I'm not 100% happy with it because it tends to look cakey. Have you ever tried it before? What do you think??

5. Real Techniques Powder Brush: My brush collection is getting bigger and bigger :D This powder brush is very soft and works wonderfully. It can be used to fix makeup with powder or to apply mineral foundation. A must have!

6. Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil: I'm now realizing that 3 over the 6 listed products are from Catrice :D I'm clearly in love with this brand! This lip pencil is very useful, and can be either used to contour your lips or as lipcolor. This is nr. 100 Upper Brown Side, a very natural shade that perfectly matches my lip color. Two words: BUY IT! ;)

Hope you like my favourites!! Have you ever tried one of the mentioned products? Or do you want to let me know your "February Favourites?"

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My New Nails: Manhattan Lotus Effect 78C

I'm in desperate need of SPRING! And this feeling is also involving my nails :)

This "Tiffany" shade is from Manhattan and I really like it. The price is very fair and the quality is just excellent! Because of its Lotus extracts it is meant to be longlasting, and in fact it is (with a good top coat, of course). And plus it paired so well with my Essence's Special Effects called "Glorious Aquarius".

Hope you like thenm. I'm definitely in love with my new nails. And what about you, how are you wearing your nails right now?

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