March Favourites

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1. L'Occitane en Provence Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette: This is actually my favourite fragrance. It's not easy for me to find a fragrance that I really like, but this one made me fall in love immediately. The packaging is very elegant and sophisticated, while the scent with its zesty and floral notes is so delicate and feminine. Follow this link to read my complete review and to see the whole Néroli & Orchidée collection.

2. Covergirl LashBlastVolume mascara waterproof: a mascara junkie would try at least a new mascara each week, and so do I :) If you've read my "February Favourites" already you might know that I'm actually more into waterproof mascaras, my must when I go to the gym. I've been trying this one and the result was just impressive! The silicone brush is quite big, easy to use and catches all your lashes in seconds. The formula is pretty thick, but in fact it provides great volume. I've been wearing it at the gym during the week and it didn't smudge at all. Actually my favourite mascara!

3. Lush Feeling Younger: It takes you a while, but when you learn how to use it you're going to love it for the rest of your life! This skin tint, which is enriched with oats, almond oil, jojoba and cocoa butter, also contains a pigment that reflects light. You can use it on its own or add it to your day cream/foundation. The final result will be a gorgeous glow. I also use it as highliter with my make up, especially to highlight my brow bone or the chick bones.

4. Urban Decay Naked lipstick: I'm currently in love with this brand, especially when it comes to eyeshadow, so I wanted to try a lipstick as well. I bought this one in shade "Naked" because I was actually looking for a very natural color, just to enhance, and eventually correct, the natural color of my lips. The color is just perfect for my needs and plus it is a longlasting formula, even better if used togheter with the matching lip pencil.

5. Kiko Cupcake nail lacquer: You may know I'm a nail polish junkie as well :) In fact I own a huge collection. These new collection by Kiko caught my attention immediately when I saw it for the first time on Instagram. I like the colors and the final look as well. Very different and innovative. Also perfect if you're not too precise when applying it...

6. Maybelline Masterdrama khol liner: still the blackest, thickest black kohl I've ever tried. (If you know others please let me know). This is actually my favourite for the upper/lower waterline. It's a longlasting liner but you'd better fix your under eye area with some powder in order to reduce under-eye "smudges".

Hope you liked my "March Favourites", please don't forget to leave the link to yours in the comments. I will take a look at them ;)

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  1. I need to try out the Masterdrama eye liner!

    Nice post!

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles

  2. Love those nail colours! I need to try those out especially because I'm not precise when painting my nails!