Avène - Couvrance High tolerance Mascara

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I've been reviewing several mascaras so far, but I've never reviewed one for sensitive eyes.

Therefore if sensitive eyes are your problem, or if you wear contact lenses, this is a product that might work very well for you.

I generally wouldn't describe my eyes as "sensitives" but because I suffer from hayfever I must admit that this time of the year is very critical for my nose AND for my eyes as well. This is the reason why I've been using this mascara quite often during the past weeks.

Couvrance Mascara intensifies, separates and reshapes the lashes, even the smallest ones. It comes in 2 shades: black and brown. 

What I like about this mascara is its natural look, the lashes appear longer and curved in a very natural way. I think it's perfect for your daily make up routine, but for a more dramatic look simply add more layers and you will notice the difference.

Other important about this mascara is that can be easily and gently removed, without stressing and irritating your eyes.


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  1. It looks nice! I love the fact about Avene that it has products that are gentle to my skin.