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I've received this make up collection already a while ago, and the other day I've decided to make a photo tutorial of a very super easy make up, using these products.

But before I show you my masterpiece :D let's go quickly through the Chorus collection by Dr. Hauschka.

The new spring/summer collection features six new products: a blush trio, two eyeshadow duos, one kajal eyeliner, one lipgloss and one lipstick.

As always at Dr. Hauschka the inspiration for the new shades was nature's color palette, therefore don't expect shoking pinks or electric blues. But at the same time you will be able to combine these natural shades according to your personality and internal melody.

At the heart of the new line is the Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio, which is a combination of berry, pink and sand colors. I personally liked this blush a lot, and noticed that mixing the 3 colors gave me the better result: cheeks kissed with the fershness of a spring morning.

The two Eyeshadows Duos are green and violet, and pink and blue. Made with real silk, the colors are very brillian. The duos coordinate optimally when applied in combination.

To complete the eye look you can use the taupe shade of the new Kajal Eyeliner 08, which features an integrated applicator for easy blending.

The Lip Gloss 07 golden apricot and Lipstick 18 golden apricot shimmer are the cherry on the cake for a super natural look. p.s it smells AMAZING!

As usual at Dr. Hauschka all ingredients are 100% natural and free from parabens, mineral oil and silicone.

And now let's go to the tutorial:

I've choosen the pink and blue (09) duo...

and I've started by applying the lightest shade to the eyelid.


Using a pencil brush I've defined the crease applying the darkest shade.

Blend the line with a blending brush

Apply the taupe Kajal Eyeliner 08 to the upper lash line and blend it.

On the lips I've used the Lipstick and the lip gloss 

Last step the wonderful Matt & Shimmer Blush Trio...

And this is the final result

Hope you enjoyed my super quick and easy tutorial! 

Love xx

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