Yankee Candle: New Collection Summer 2014

by - 13:06:00

I'm looking forward to this Summer, but since the sun is struggling to shine... I've decided to create my summer corner at home ;)

Let's take a look at the new gorgeous Yankee Candles for this Summer 2014

Black Plum Blossom
The deliciously enticing nectar of beautiful black plum blossoms with hints of white musk and vanilla.

Orange Splash
Like a burst of golden sunshine... the bright, sparkling aroma aroma of juicy, just-picked oranges.

Sweet Apple
The sugary sweet crispness of a perfectly ripe apple fresh from the orchard.

I'm gonna buy them all, what about you??

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2 commenti

  1. The orange splash candle sounds like it's perfect for summer!


  2. fruity scents ... mmm will make the place smells homey