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If you already know and appreciate Le Petit Marseillais's shower gels, you're going to love their new deodorants as well!

This amazing brand has finally decided to lauch its first deodorant range and it's all very natural and respectful of your skin.


In order to make it effective for 24 hours they've decided to use sage essential oil, which is very well known for its antiseptic properties.

The deodorants come in 3 different fragrances and are available in both spray or roll-on.

  • Karité: is a sweet and gorgeous mix of milk, caramel, citrus, pear and vanilla. And with its musky and amber notes it is even more irresistible.

  • Green Tea: Bergamot with green fruits notes to give you the sensation of a fresh and regenerating shower. Freesia, muguet and jasmine bring the feminine side to this pure fragrance.

  • Rose: the luxurious scent of Ylang-Ylang together with rose and violet. Tuberose and sandalwood for a floral and powdery feeling.

I've been testing the 3 fragrances and it's very hard for me to pick my favourite one... I would probably say Karité because I generally tend to go for sweet scents. But, as I just said, they are all so good, they smell so pleasant and natural.. You should really try them!

What's also special about these new deodorants is that they are:

  • dermatollogically tested
  • aluminum salts free
  • paraben free
  • alcool free (roll-on)
  • stain-free (white and yellow)

You can find these amazing deodorants at your local Migros or Coop at  CHF 6.30 (spray 200 ml) and CHF 4.90 (roll-on 50 ml)   *suggested retail price

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  1. These smells sound delicious!


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