Cerjo: my favourite sunglasses for this summer 2014!

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When it comes to accessories I never leave home without my sunnies.
As I'm always trying to promote swiss brands I'm in touch with the most famous swiss brand of sunglasses: Cerjo.

They are very well known for their sport sunglasses (ski, bike, mountain, etc) but they are also very good at doing fashion ones ;)

Cerjo kindly sent me this beautiful sunnies from their latest collection

Swiss DJ Tanja La Croix wearing Cerjo

This transparent sunglasses are very stylish and kind of "retro" thanks to its shape, but at the same time they are super fashion and bold with the green, or blue, mirror lenses.

The quality of the lenses is always very good (filter category 3) and protects your eyes against UV 100%.

What I also like about these sunnies is that they are unisex and are very comfortable.

I've been using them on on the beach and everybody was asking where I got them from.
It was clearly a great success ;)

Last but not least, I find the price very fair, for 39,90 CHF only you can buy yourself a super fashion and high quality pair of sunglasses. 

For further info visit www.cerjo.ch

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