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When looking at new products I must say that the trend is to come out with fast and easy-to-use ones. Which is not a bad idea at all ;)

Clearly this has to do with the frenetic life that most people live, which in one word only means OPTIMIZING. Optimizing is always a hard thing to do, but thanks to this new generation of "clever" products this process becomes much easier.

Can you imagine my enthusiasm when I've received this new La Mer product, the Intensive Revitalizing Mask!

Presented as "a miracle" this mask guarantees amazing results in 8 minutes only. Doesn't it sound unbelievably great??

When it comes to its properties the new Intensive Revitalizing Mask clearly hase all we would look for in an effective face treatment. The Miracle Broth, which is always the core ingredient of any La Mer product, takes care of skin's regeneration process, fermented kelp maintains our skin moisturized and glacial kelp protect our skin from stress, external agents and prevents aging.

I couldn't wait to test this mask since the moment I've had it in my hands, and what I can tell you is that I've been using it eversince. It became kind of my obsession :)

What also find great about the Intensive Revitalizing Mask is that unlike most other ones you don't have to rinse it, just wipe off the excess and massage any residue into your skin. Quick and easy, isn'it?

The Intensive Revitalizing Mask will be available in Swiss stores from the 25 of August 2014.

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  1. Sounds like a very good beauty product
    I haven't tried it yet, but I will!