Fun baking: Nestlé Fitness Cereals

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Thanks to coolbrandz I've had the chance to try a huge quantity of Nestlé Fitness cereals :)

Today I want to tell you why I do like these cereals and I will also post a quick and super easy recipe I made using Nestlé Fitness Cereals.

I go to the gym every morning and it is very important for me have a breakfast that provides me with immediate energy. This means in one word CARBS.

My regular breakfast before I practice sport is:


This is my fuel for my daily workout.

There are 4 different versions of these cereals:


My favourites are Nature and Chocolate. As I just said I usually eat them with milk, but they are also good with joghurt or fruit juice. It's up to your taste and habits!

These cereals are also perfect if you want to loose weight, and you might be interested to know that a portion (40 gr) with milk contains 146 calories only and is also rich in calcium and vitamines.

Ok, now it is time for my nonFitness recipe :D

These are the Nestlé Fitness Bars. Enjoy!

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