How to clean pores with Clarisonic - A Deep Pore Kit Review

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The greatest invention after the wheel is Clarisonic, no doubt about it! :D

I've been using the Mia 2 since January, and I've immediately become addicted. Can't live without it anymore, it is part of my daily routine ever since.

It is not just a trend, it actually WORKS, it's a great product that has literally improved the skin of million of women from all over the world. It can't be just a trend! 

So if you still haven't tried it, stand up, take your wallet, run to Marionnaud and grab one! If 189.- CHF is a price you actually don't want to pay.... than start writing your Christmas whish list and add it as first thing ;)

I'm not going to write the 12'344'555'443 Clarisonic review, but will tell you about my experience with the Deep Pore Decongesting Solution range. The skin target of this range is enlarged pores/oily skin.

I've been testing the replenishment set which features: 1 Deep Pore brush head, 1 Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and 1 Decongesting Clay Mask. 

Deep Pore Brush Head: Unlike the brush I'm regularly using (the Sensitive Head Brush) this head has a particular gradation of bristle firmness, which is much firmer at the core.  The dual action movement makes it easier to reach difficult areas such as the skin around the nose. This is why it is perfect for largo pores and oily skin. This head is still gentle and safe, and can be used twice a day. I like it and have noticed an improvement especially with pores. I have combination skin, therefore I still prefer to use this head to treat the nose and the areas around it. Then I switch to the Sensitive head to complete the treatment. This way I have never had any problems. If you have oily skin you can certainly use it as your only head brush

The Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is formulated with SebuCon2, a pore refining sebum controlling complex that contains salicylic acid and zinc gluconate to fight bacteria and control sebum production. It also features exfoliating fruit acids, such as apple and lemon extracts, and peppermint that purify pores.
I'm usually not a fan of foaming cleansers, but I've found this one not to aggressive on my skin. Despite that I wouldn't recommend it to people with sensitive/normal skin, as the salicylic acid could irritate your skin. 
What I also like about the Deep Pore Cleanser ver much is that it is completely parabens- sulfates- phthalates- free. Perfect!

The Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask should be used 2x week. Clay masks are usually quite aggressive and most times your skin will break out right after.... This is not the case, as the Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask, with its creamy texture, is absolutely gentle, therefore can be used by anyone, even if you have dry skin.
Rich in natural mineral and botanical ingredients, the mask absorbes sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells and declass pores. The mask works very well, and your face will look radiant just after the first use. Your skin will feel soothed and soft thanks to soothing ingredients such as aloe and chamomile.
As I just said I would recommend this Clay Mask to anyone. If you have very dry skin I would recommend just 1 application per week.

The Deep Pore Replenishment Kit is available in Marionnaud shops and costs CHF 84,90 and can be purchased HERE  

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