IPL Intense Pulsed Light: do you believe in miracles??

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Here I am! Back from holidays and back to my routine. And today I want to start with a very interesting topic regarding unwanted hair

I've been fighting against unwanted hair my whole life. I have tried most hair removal methods and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result. 
Shaving is very fast and effective, but unfortunately not very long-lasting in terms of results.
Waxing is not bad, especially for sensitive array, but it takes a lot of time and money to be done. Plus it is not suitable for people with capillary fragility (as I clearly am). 
Lately I've been regularly using my Silk épil 6 by Braun and I'm very happy with it. I took it on holiday with me for last minute retouches and I'm very happy with it. The only thing is that I'm not keen on using it on sensitive areas (such as bikini or armpits).

I've heard a lot about IPL (Instense Pulsed Light) especially because during the last couple of years a lot of beauty salons have started offering this treatment. 

The IPL is a technology used by estheticians and doctors for many purposes, one of this is hair removal (not to be confused with laser hair removal). It claims to reduce hair growth if used regularly and correctly. It doesn't work on dark skins or light/white hair. The more the skin is fair and the hair are dark, the more the IPL works successfully.

As I just said, you can't expect 100% hair removal after just one session, and you have to strictly plan your sessions. And now I explain you why.

The broad spectrum light flashed by the IPL device reach the bulb of the hair. This light, converted to hear energy, literally burns the bulb. According to hair growth cycle, not all hair follicles are active at any one time, and only active ones can be hit and destroyed by the IPL treatment. This is why it is always suggested to repeat the treatment after 2 weeks, so that the inactive follicles have became active. Several treatments are required in order to significantly reduce most hair.

My curiosity towards IPL technology became bigger and bigger when the first home devices were launched. Today there are several IPL and the prices are also very different. 

During the last months I've been testing 2 of these devices and in my next posts I want to give you my feedback.


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