Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

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If you're looking for a good lip stain but can't afford those super expensive YSL ones this might be the cheaper solution for you.

I while ago I've received from Revlon the Colorstay Lip Stain in 7 shades and I was so excited about them. Especially because it is actually very difficult to find a good but not too expensive lip stain.

The color range is interesting but, in my opinion, not complete. I would have added a couple of colors more. For example some nudes.

The lip stains are very easy to apply thanks to a soft "heart shaped" applicator, that allows you to be very precise. 

Enriched with Vitamine E and Aloe the Colorstay Lip Stains hydrate you lips and give them a wet-look that will last hours. Still, the sensation on your lips is comfortable, unlike other lip stains that feels kind of sticky.

My favorite shades are Parisian Passion and Rio Rush (the one I'm wearing in the picture).

Now available in Swiss stores. Price CHF 23,90

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