Yankee Candle - Spring 2015

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Candle lovers, here's a sneak peek at Yankee Candles new collection for this Spring 2015...

ALOE WATER (fresh)

Clean, refreshing water blends with thick, soothing aloe to create a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Pure contentment... indulge yourself in this creamy smooth scent with hints of beautiful fruit blossom.

CASSIS (fruit)

A luxurious indulgence... the lusciously rich, fruit of black currant berries with a fresh burst of tartness.

These candles smell so good that I wish it was Spring already :D

It's hard to tell you which is my favorite fragrance.... but I can tell you that I particularly love Shea Butter.

Which is your favorite one?

If you would like to order them visit www.yankeecandle.ch

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