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Hair are definitely my favourite part of my body. This is the reason why I keep on trying new products in order to get the best results.

As you may know I wear short messy styled hair, and to style them I always use gel, wax or hairspray.

But to get the best result it is also very important to use the right products before.

Thanks to Coolbrandz I've had the chance to try the new Garnier Fructis range called "Full & Plush" ("Matière et Densité", "Pracht Auffüller") and today I want to let you know how I found it.

Garnier Fructis Full & Plush claims  contains fibra-cylane™, pomegranate and active fruits concentrate that penetrates and plumps hair for a full, voluptuous look. 

From this range I've been testing the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and serum.

SHAMPOO 300 ml:

First thing I MUST tell you about this product and all the other ones is that they smell AMAZING. When it comes to hair products I always make sure they also smell good, and leave a fragrance on your hair. This shampoo is definitely a winner on this matter. I find this shampoo is concentrated, therefore I only need a small quantity to perfectly wash my hair.


The formula is thick and creamy, smells like the shampoo and leaves a silky feeling on your hair. What I suggest is not to use it on your roots in order to avoid greasy hair right the day after (but this is a suggestion that you should keep in mind when using any conditioner...).

SERUM 50 ml:

This creamy serum is the third step toward thicker and fuller hair. Apply on towel-dried hair from mid-lengths to ends. Do not rinse-out. 


This hairspary is the perfect final touch to give more volume thickness to your hair. Any styling you want will stay in place for hours.

My opinion about this new Fructis line is absolutely positive. I've really noticed some more thickness and volume in my hair just after one use. I'm very satisfied with the results especially because it is much easier for me to style my messy hair, which means I have to use less hairspray (or wax, or gel).
I can't tell you about results on longer hair, but I'm pretty sure that it will work on them, too.
The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I really love it, and would definitely recommend it.

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