Christmas gifts can be tricky sometimes.... aka #THEGIFTIWANTTOKEEP

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I think I don't know anybody who doesn't like Christmas time. It's atmosphere, lights, colors, fragrances...everything brings joy and pleasant feelings.
Of course we also like Christmas because we usually get nice presents :)
But this time a year is also a challenge, when we have to buy presents for the people we love and care for. We give our best to find the perfect gift for everyone according to their tastes and wishes.

Now the question is, has it ever happened to you to buy a gift for somebody that then you would have liked to keep for yourself? :)

I think it already happened to me at least 1000 times :D

If you've also experienced this huge issue ;) here I have the perfect solution!

The amazing brand L'Occitane en Provence has just released some nice videos with some tips on how to sort this dilemma out, and I suggest you to take a look for some fun time.

You can see the videos by clicking here:

Tip Nr. 1: Die Kraft

Tip Nr. 2: The Kick

Tip Nr. 3: The tall shelf

Tip Nr. 4: The Tag

Now that you have achieved a full impulse control I have a good news for you, L'Occitane is rewarding you with a super cute gift, the "Ronde de Noël", a very nice box with 5 mini-size handcreams.

In order to get this, head to a "L'Occitane" shop and show my blogpost (or instagram post) with the tag #THEGIFTIWANTTOKEEP and if you spend 25.- you'll get your free gift.

You can either get your gift on shop by using the promo code MYLITTLE.

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  1. This box is so cute! I need it!

  2. Cute box :)
    Maria V.