A beautiful day with Sephora

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Can you imagine my face when I got the news that Sephora was opening its first shop in Switzerland?? Probably not (lucky you...), but let me tell you I was extremely happy about it!

In line with all beauty junkies around the world I've always been a great fan of Sephora. I live not too far from Italy and I often go to Milan. Everytime I go there I never fail to pay visit to Sephora indulging in a beauty shopping spree :D Can you imagine what happens when my Sephora Black Card gives me a 20% off?? That is my ultimate fulfillment :D

But let's go back to Sephora Switzerland!

Last Thursday I had the chance to join the official opening of the first Swiss Sephora's Shop at Manor Geneva. Yes, because as you may already know, Sephora has teamed up with Manor to launch their shops in Switzerland. I personally like this choice very much, and I'm sure it will be a very successful collaboration. Manor is very well known for providing the greatest products and services to all Swiss people since so many years. I think that Manor is part of each Swiss cititenz's life in some way. I would consider it a staple in our country. Therefore I'm really happy they've decided to join Sephora in this adventure!

The event was amazing and perfectly organized. We had the chance to preview the shop, take pictures and chat with the key figures. It was also possible to try some of Sephora's services, such as a brow restyling at Benefit's Brow Bar, or a personalized make up at Nars.

At 5.30 PM the first Swiss Sephora's shop was open to the public.

Sephora has brought to Switzerland 22 brands, 12 of them with the Made in Sephora's brand. Super popular brands such as Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, Tony Moly and Burberry (for the full list read below) are now available in our country!

Brands at Sephora full list:
Benefit, Burberry, Cellu Cup, Clarisonic, Foreo, Glam Glow, Lipstick Queen, Made in Sephora, Make Up Forever, Marc Jacobs Beauty, MercyHandy, Nars, Peter Thomas Roth, Rexaline, Sleek, StriVectin, The Curve, Tony Moly, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Vita Liberata. 
In 2016 Sephora is planning to open 6 other stores in the French part of Switzerland. In the near future they will also consider to open stores in other regions of Switzerland.  

If you don't live near Geneva don't worry, Sephora is now online and you can can buy everything HERE 

I've really enjoied being at this great event, I took many pictures that you can see below. I've also received a huuuuuge goodie bag that it will take all my life to try all these products :)

I would like to thank again Manor and Sephora for inviting me, I had a great time! XoXo

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  1. OMG, there's now a Sephora in Switzerland??? That's so awesome. :)

  2. Good to hear you had a great time! So did I, despite the insane temperatures inside, haha :-) It's so good to finally have access to Sephora brands from Switzerland.

  3. It is awesome that they are opening up more Sephoras in Europe! I live in London and am so jealous of you because I always have to travel to Paris or Barcelona if I want to visit a Sephora. Looks like you had an amazing time! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡