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Hi everyone :)

Today I want to talk about my love for natural cosmetics.

I've been into it for may years,  but being a beauty blogger often makes me try beauty products that aren't necessarily natural and/or organic.

BUT if I could choose, I would always go for natural products, especially when it comes to body and face care.

I've tried many many natural and/or organic brands but unfortunately some good ones are still very difficult to find and buy in Switzerland.

One brand I would highly recommend is called Nacomi, it's based in Poland and is a pretty new company that is committed to give the consumer high quality,  natural based, organic, vegan and safe products.

Nacomi take care of you from head to toes, and their catalog is quite huge. Shampoo and hair treatments, body lotions, body mousses, scrubs, face serums, creams, masks among many others. Not only for women but for men and babies as well :)

What will steal your heart, apart from the amazing quality of these products, are the super cute packaging and the gorgeous scent they spread. Believe me, if you are into fruity and sweet fragrances you'll find it hard not to eat a Nacomi body mousse  :)

Nacomi's mission is to make products of the highest quality possible that are rich in powerful ingredients and are suitable to everyone, even the most allergic subjects. Nonetheless you won't find any parabens, silicons and minerals.

Now, I'm pretty sure I've piqued your curiosity :D and you would really like to give this brand a try.

The bad news is that Nacomi is currently not available in Switzerland.

The good news is that Nacomi will be available in Switzerland VERY SOON thanks to the e-commerce platform

But hurry up, cause the sale will be available from the 27th till 30th of May only!

For a more detailed overview of their product range you can head to when it comes to my suggestions continue reading below ;)

Smooth Body Butters


Smooth body butters by Nacomi absorb readily and leave no greasy residue on the skin. Owing to their rich composition, which includes shea butter, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and cold pressed argan oil, they moisturize and nourish the skin to make it look truly stunning.   
Fragrances available:

  • Warming Moroccan spices
  • Freshly-baked papaya pie
  • Strawberry-guava pudding
  • Sweet honey wafers

Scrub & Wash

I'm such a lazy person... :D and I looove when brands offer smart products. This is the case!
Fresh and fruity scent, airy texture and smoothing sugar. This fluffy and aromatic Scrub&Wash will make your dream of perfectly smooth skin come trut while you're in the shower. Its airy texture facilitates its use, while ith gentle cleansing ingredients and sugar prepare the skin for another skin care adventure.
Fragrances available:

  • Sweet Mango foam
  • Sweet Blueberry foam
  • Sweet Coconut-banana foam

  Body Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a blend of sugar combined with either fresh coffee grounds, strawberry seeds, raspberry seeds or coconut shreds and moisturizing natural oils and shea butter. Their soothing aromas turn an exfoliating routine into a truly exceptional experience. Our offer includes:
  • Sunny orange sorbet
  • Sweet honey wafers
  • Strawberry-guava pudding
  • Freshly baked papaya pie
  • Refreshing iced coffee
  • Light coconut cake

Savon Noir
This is a true gem at Nacomi! You can either use it for the face and the body as well. Savon Noir (or Black Soap) is a miraculous skin care product from Morocco. It works like an enzyme peel: it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and clears the skin to prepare it for further beauty treatments. Don't miss it!

Face Scrub
Face scrubsensure deep skin cleansing and an excellent exfoliating effect. At the same time, the natural oils and extracts present in our scrubs nourish your skin and moisturize it to ensure it stays beautiful and smooth. Fragrances available:
  • Moisturizing face scrub
  • Acne-control face scrub
  • Smoothing and brightening face scrub
  • Anti-aging face scrub
Makeup Remover
Makeup removers by Nacomi are made from natural oils and extracts to allow washing makeup off in a way that is both, effective and safe for the skin. The offer includes:
  • Micellar cleansing water
  • Two-phase makeup remover
  • Cleansing oil

Bamboo Face Cloth
Bamboo cloth for facial skin make-up removal. Ideal in combination with micellar liquid or cleansing oils. Gently cleanse the face without irritating the delicate skin. For all skin types.

Creamy Face Mask
One of my favourite products ever! A line of four creamy face masks which solve four major skin problems fast and comprehensively. They combine natural ingredients with some exquisite ingredients obtained in beauty labs to help you forget about problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, dry skin and thread veins.  The offer includes:
  • Bio 3D Skin Lift – lifting face cocktail
  • Goodbye Red Skin – redness relief face mask
  • Express Skin Cleansing – acne control face mask
  • Aqua Hydra Skin – moisturizing face cocktail

 Face Cream

Natural ingredients present in our face creams have been combined with top quality beauty ingredients obtained in beauty labs to moisturize the skin, help the skin to regenerate and ensure that it is properly nourished and protected. They improve skin firmness and have an anti-aging effect. Our offer includes:Argan oil eye cream with grape seed oil
  • 30+ Argan oil day cream with vitamin E
  • 30+ Argan oil night cream with hyaluronic acid
  • 40+ Marula  oil day cream with hydrolyzed rice protein & hyaluronic acid
  • 40+ Marula oil night cream with Centella Asiatica meristem cell culture
  • 50+ Shea butter day cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E
  • 50+ Shea butter night cream with biomimetic peptide

Well, these are my Nacomi must haves! But of course I'm going to try many other products of this amazing brand. I highly suggest you to take the chance to try Nacomi thanks to the sale on, and I would really like to know your feedback  about them! Hope to hear from you soon!


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